YES (Youth Exchanges in Spain) is an educational organization created to provide quality, integral services to international students. YES is the subsidiary of two acclaimed institutions based in Seville, Spain, and thrives off of their experience and success. But as a fresh and innovative organization, YES is keen to the ever-changing needs of students in a global learning environment. Highlighted services include the teaching of Spanish language, History and Culture facilitated by immersive activities, visits and excursions. YES also offers internship experiences in various sectors throughout the city.

Why study in Spain?

  • Effective language learning
  • Cultural integration
  • Learn outside the classroom
  • Personal development and growth
  • A new academic routine
  • Enhance employment opportunities

Why intern in Spain?

  • Technical language skills
  • Multicultural communication
  • Opportunities not available at home
  • Building your resume
  • International contacts and references

Why Au Pair in Spain?

  • Total immersion
  • Language acquisition
  • Economically feasible
  • International experience

Discover all the advantages offered by Yesinspain to study in Seville.

YES Spain
c/ Jesús de la Vera-Cruz 19
41002 Seville (Spain)
Tel.(Spain): +34 955.225.257
Fax: +34 955.225.257
Tel.(USA): +1 219.226.6468
email: info@yesinspain.com

Skype: yesinspain